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Why Sanrachna Steel?

The word Sanrachna means “structure” and is derived from the Hindi language. Our name celebrates the blend of two different cultures.

We at Sanrachna Steel understand the crucial role steel detailing plays in the commercial and industrial construction value chain. Our team consists of experienced checkers, senior and junior modelers, editors, project managers, who enable us to provide clients with a competitive advantage on a variety of structural steel detailing projects.

We work in accordance with standards set forth by the AISC and the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC). We are experts on Tekla and use advanced 2D drafting and 3D modeling module that allows the flexibility to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Our Team

Headquartered in thriving Atlanta, Georgia, Sanrachna Steel is a full-service structural steel detailing
company with more than 15 years of combined experience and serving steel fabricators of all capacities.



Prashant founded Khaitan Group in 2015 with the goal of connecting businesses to some of the strongest resources available today. Over the course of 14 years of business development, global operations, and technology implementation experience, he has served as the lynchp in for building strong cross-border relationships that lead Khaitan Consulting’s clients to direct revenue growth. Prashant has diversified his expertise to focus on the steel detailing industry and stays up-to-date on best practices in the field. He recently introduced the name Sanrachna Steel to simplify the branding. Prashant lives between Atlanta and Boulder, where he devotes time to the Horse Rescue Relief and Retirement Fund and other animal welfare programs. He rides a Ducati Monster and is happy to take you for a spin if you’re in the area.

Joseph G. Motto

Professional Engineer

Joseph G. Motto, P.E. is a registered professional engineer with licenses in GA, SC, NC, FL, TN, AL, OK, WI. He has a bachelor’s in engineering from the University of Connecticut. His technical expertise lies in structural analysis and design and soil mechanics and foundations. He has working knowledge in plant design, operations, environment, safety, power distribution, process control, instrumentation, piping, and mechanical equipment installation.

Joe established his firm M-Square associates in 1997 in Augusta, GA, to provide engineering, consulting, and specialty technical support services to business and industry. They are now based out of Albany, GA.

Anand Panangipally

Director / Finance

Anand Panangipally has over 17 years experience spanning across operations, human resource, finance and new business incubation while working various multinational organizations. An avid sports fan, he is always ready for another game. He also enjoys riding whenever he can.

Our Projects


Sanrachna Steel is committed to community development

Our Contributions to
The Community

SaveTheHorses is a non-profit organization established with the mission of rescuing abused, abandoned and neglected horses and other animals. Since 2013, Prashant has actively volunteered with SaveTheHorses, building and mending fences and assisting with old trees removal.

Sanrachna Steel has been part of several projects including soil erosion, barn cleaning, fence building, cutting trees and fund raisers. We orchestrated a fund raiser by cooking fresh food at the farm with multiple activities including face painting, pony rides, henna tattoo and DJ. We raised $1500 dollars in total that day. We encourage you to visit their website www.SaveTheHorses.org to know more about their projects & mission.

We do not stop at delivery. We stand-by.

We are known for our promptness and reliability with an all time ongoing support, whenever you need us. Our clients talk more about us than we do. We know you’ll have questions down the road, and we’re here to answer them. Continuing support is available to ensure current and future satisfaction with the final product.

Georgia Fabricator

“If you are looking for a good detailing firm, you have found one.” Sanrachna Steel started detailing for us in September 2016. Since then they have worked on several projects. We have developed a great partnership with Sanrachna Steel. Their drawings look good and the steel on our projects have hung well. They are technically very sound and they are a phone call away. The team is flexible and accommodative to tight timelines and turnarounds. Prashant stays on top of the projects with his team. We enjoy working with them and will continue to grow our relationship with Sanrachna Steel.


It has been a pleasure working with Sanrachna Steel. The quality of drawings along with efficiency & expedited production time, create an above average product and professional experience.

Colorado Fabricator

I am very pleased with my experience with Sanrachna Steel who provided fabrication drawings for my steel project. Quality product along with prompt communication. They were thorough with their RFIs which allowed us to minimize delays and maintain the project schedule. Using their drawings, we were able to fabricate and erect the steel with zero problems. I will certainly include Sanrachna on invitations to bid future projects. Sanrachna Steel will definitely be on my invitation list for bidding on future projects.

Georgia Fabricator

Our company has enjoyed working with Prashant and his team of detailers. We are very satisfied with the drawings provided for our shop and the steel fits in the field. We look forward to many years of successful projects together.